Working with Teams

Many organizations will only have a single team (especially at first) and you can ignore the Team concept. However once your organization has multiple teams, the guide will help you understand how to effectively switch between teams and properly utilize the right team context.

What Are Teams?

A team is a group of users within the same organization. A single user can be in multiple teams and might have completely different permissions within each team. For example, Jason might be able to fully manage membership of the “Research” team, but only view the results of operations started by the “Operations” team and not be part of the “Human Resources” team at all.

An individual user will only be able to see the teams in which they are a member.

Team Context

When working within the web interface, using the SDK’s tb utility, or running a script, the activity happens under the active Team Context. This means that any positioned or created asset belongs to the active team; audit records will be associated with and visible to that team; and agreements or asset requests are made with regards to the team.

Web Interface

In the web interface, the active team is visible in the lower left corner. Clicking on the down arrow exposes a list of all available teams. Clicking on the team makes that team active until you explicitly change it again for the web UI.

When “Default Team” is shown, the active team is the first in the list.

Command Line Utility

In the SDK, your active team is set in your tripleblind.yaml. The active team can be changed using the command:

tb team activate NAME|ID

NOTE: This active team is completely independent of the active team in the web interface.

Scripts will default to the active team found in the tripleblind.yaml, but sessions can be used to explicitly control the team context for operations.

# You can force a session to use a specific team by passing the
# team number to the Session.
session_team1 = tb.Session(from_default=True, active_team=1)
       name="January 2024 payroll",

# A second session can be used for operating under different teams
# within the same script.
session_team2 = tb.Session(from_default=True, active_team=2)
       name="January 2024 payroll aggregates by department",