Blind Sample

The Blind Sample operation generates a realistic privacy-preserving sample similar to the real data. Strings are similar lengths, integers are in the same range, and floating point numbers have the same precision. When columns have been unmasked, a real sample value taken from the dataset is returned in that column. This value is out-of-context of the row from which it has been sampled.

Blind Samples allow you to understand what the dataset asset looks like, and may be used to work out your solution before trying it out on the actual data.


  • Use the get_sample() method.
  • When using add_agreement() to allow a counterparty to sample your dataset, use Operation.BLIND_SAMPLE for the operation parameter.


num_samples: Optional[int] = 10

  • This is the number of synthetic records to generate and return, 10 by default.

silent: Optional[bool]

  • Suppress status messages during execution? Default is to show messages.