TripleBlind User Guide

Asset User Operations

Asset Users can use assets (datasets and algorithms) positioned by other organizations at the other organization’s discretion.

Exploring Available Assets

You can use TripleBlind's Explore Assets to browse existing assetsboth data and algorithmswhich were made discoverable by their owners.

ℹ️Remember, discoverable assets do not allow you to view the actual dataonly to learn the existence of the data or algorithms that you can access to train algorithms or run inferences. Before accessing other organizations' assets, you first need to obtain the necessary permissions from those organizations.


You can search for dataset assets in the web interface or by using the SDK.

Web Interface

In the web interface, you can search for a dataset and select it to find out more information about the dataset. You can search for datasets by keyword or by Asset ID. Searching by keywords can allow you to find datasets that may be useful to your organization's needs. Searching by Asset ID is useful when you know the precise dataset you are looking for.