Access Point Installation Guide

Access Point System Requirements

To participate in the TripleBlind platform, an organization must host a TripleBlind Access Point. This Access Point serves two main purposes: secure the organization’s data or algorithmic assets, and provide computational power for joint operations.

The Access Point is designed as a cloud native component. It is built around Docker technologies, isolating the host infrastructure from internal details and enabling simple deployment and upgrades. Interaction and management is done through the web interface and the Python SDK.

Hosting Requirements

Basic Docker host system requirements:

  • 4 CPU cores (minimum)
  • 16 GB of RAM (minimum)
  • 100 GB+* of attached storage
    * Additional storage requirements depend on assets to be shared on the platform.

IP Addresses to Whitelist

In general, it is recommended to whitelist by domain as some of our IP addresses may be changed without prior notice. We will notify Access Point administrators if the IP addresses to be whitelisted change.

Inbound Traffic:

  • must be whitelisted to enable inbound traffic from the TripleBlind Router to your Access Point.
  • Inbound traffic from your own IP address.

Outbound Traffic:

  • (
  • (

ℹ️ The IP addresses or URLs of all counterparty organizations’ Access Points must be whitelisted for both inbound and outbound traffic in order to collaborate with external organizations.

ℹ️ If you do not provide your own SSL certificate and key, TripleBlind will generate temporary ones during the installation process via 🔗LetsEncrypt. In order to generate these, ALL inbound and outbound traffic must be allowed temporarily during the installation. You can revert back to your original whitelisted addresses once the setup is complete.


  • 443
  • Both HTTPS and WSS (WebSocket Secure) protocols must be enabled.

Cloud Computing

  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP), using n1-standard-4 machine type
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS), using t3.xlarge machine type
  • Microsoft Azure, using Standard_D4a_v4 machine type

An easy way to configure a server for TripleBlind is by subscribing through Cloud Marketplaces.

Azure Setup

You can find the TripleBlind offering in the 🔗Azure Marketplace.