Managing Users

Each individual in your organization who works with TripleBlind should have their own account. This provides the strongest security guarantees with precise permissions, and produces the most accurate audit logs.

User management is available by clicking on the organization name in the lower-left corner, then visiting the Users tab. The Owner account and individuals with User > Manage permission are able to invite others to the organization and set their permissions. The recommended approach to permissions is to grant the minimum needed for each individual to do their job. Additional permissions can easily be granted later.

Adding Users

To add a new account, click “Invite New Users” and enter the new user’s email address. The user will receive an email inviting them to sign up and create a password. Administrators can also grant the appropriate permissions for the user at invitation time. Users invited by non-administrators will need to have permissions granted after they have created their account before they can do anything.

Setting Permissions

Each user must be granted one or more permissions in order to perform tasks on behalf of the Organization, either within the web interface or when running scripts. By default, users have no permissions when first created, so an Administrator will have to grant appropriate permissions after creating the account.