As the owner and host of your own Access Point, you have total control of all access to your data and intellectual property found in Assets. The Router web interface provides some administrative and diagnostic views of your Access Point for convenience. Each Organization has exactly one Access Point.

Access Point and Organization Information

Select Access Point in the left navigation pane of the TripleBlind web interface for a high level overview of your Organization’s Access Point, including memory usage, version, number of CPUs, domain name, and whether non-default capabilities have been configured. The Overview tab shows the Organization name and your unique Organization ID and allows the organization owner to requirefor enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA/MFA) for all of their users. The Logs tab allows access to diagnostic and auditing information, see Auditing for more details.

From the main page of the Router, you can view and manage the members of your Team. To access this page, click on the kebab menu next to your Team name in the lower left corner of the web interface. The Members page allows administrators to manage accounts associated with your organization. More can be found in the Managing Users section.